General questions

Is the price per person?

No, the Weekly price for entire Villa/Cottages

There are maid or other extra services ?

there are extra external service

Is breakfast included in the weekly price?

No. present incl: continental breakfast box for 1 day (Sunday) at the check .

Is heating included in the price?

No. is on consumption. euro 3.00mq.

Can we settle all our accounts on arrival?


Are pets welcome?


At what time can we check-in and out?

Check-in: Saturday from 5pm to 7pm.
Check-out: Saturday within 10.00 am.

Can we have delay at the check in?

Max within 8pm but only by according before.

Can we have delay at the check out?


Does the reception speak English or other languages?

The reception speak English and Italian.

How many floors are there in the building?

The Villa 2 floors, Rick's House 3 floors. The Garden Houses (1°+ 2°) and the Cottage spa  ground floor. Il Noce room and Il Nespolo room are in the first floor up the Garden houses.

Are there comfortable, quiet, private, romantic rooms?

All the rooms are elegant and romantic, big, very comfortable and quiet.
The rooms in the villa have big panoramic windows and fire places!

Are there mosquito net in the windows?

Yes. There are mosquito nets in all bedrooms and many windows in the living rooms.

How many distant from the villa are the near apartments/cottages?

Garden house 1, Guest house 2, Il Noce room , Il Nespolo room, Cottage spa, are 25mtrs from  the villa.

If the villa is rented, the other Cottages remain vacant or are rented?

When the villa is rented, the others near cottage aren't rented to respect the total privacy of the guests. Only the Guest house can be used by the owner some time but the guests and owner privacy is absolutely respected.

Are the outside Villa garden area in common of the Guest house?

No. The gardens areas are different.

Is there a swimming pool?

The swimming pool was designed by the owner Flavia, landscape architect, is a superb infinity pool, with amazing overlooking view.
Can be used only by the guests of the Villa and the owners who occasionally could use their cottage (Guest House).

There are chairs, tables near the swimming pool and garden? Inside the villa?

Yes, there are many designer iron and wood chairs, deck chairs and tables in all area outside.There are tables for lunch and dinner : in the garden from 12 to 24 peole . In the living room of the villa table within 12-16 people. For more people can be added a table for 4 guests more .

Are linens and towels provided?

The Linens and the towels are provided by us one time . Extra linens on request, external service

Do the VILLA/Apartments have a terrace/courtyard, view ?

- VILLA: In the first floor there are big windows amazing vineyards, countryside and medieval village view - there is a charming little panoramic patio in ground floor, near the kitchen and a pergola with superb panoramic vineyards view in the garden.
- Guest House : there are panoramic windows and private garden and patio
- GARDEN HOUSES : village and church view or garden
- COTTAGE SPA : there is a big patio covered with superb vineyards view
- Il Noce room , Il Nespolo room: village and church view or valley and garden

Is there a TV in the rooms/apartments?

Yes. In the Villa in the common area. Il Nespolo and il Noce bedrooms.

Are there international channels (satellite TV)?

Yes, in the main Villa, Il Noce room, il Nespolo room.

Is there a telephone with direct dialling in the VILLA /apartments?


Is there in my room/apartment an Internet connection line where I can connect my laptop?

Only in the main Villa there is ADSL , quick (speedy) line.

How much does Internet cost?

It is free. Possible repairs caused by the guest are to payment.
We are not responsible for possible malfunctions.

Is parking or garage available?

Private parking for the Villa, Garden House, Guest House, Cottage spa, Il Noce room, Il Nespolo room, have Villa, Garden House, Guest House, Cottage spa, Il Noce room, Il Nespolo room.

Are toys for children in the villa?

Yes, there are many toys for children and you can find also many children toys in the public garden near Bar Pineta, 150mtrs from the villa.

Is the new Cottage spa suitable for children?

No. It is only adults use.

There are air conditioned in the Cottage spa?

Yes. The electricity cost isn’t included.

Cottage spa: what isn't included in the price?

Electricity for air conditioned, heating and Finnish sauna, forfait euro 300.00, 1 week for the guest (max 12) of the main villa. Service to request max at the check in . Increase for more guests; accordings with the owner.

Can we guest our friend that don't rented the villa and the cottages and can they use the Cottage spa ?

No. the property and services are only for the guests of the villa and cottages . Exceptionally is possible to entertain only some guests during the day.

How many people can guest the main villa?

The villa is suitable for 12 people + 2 children (only). More people aren't accepted. The villa is suitable for 12 adults. Can guest 2 children (or babies) more.

Can you reserve a taxi to arrive to the villa?

Yes. We suggest you to reserve a taxi that know well the direction to the villa. The price is also more convenient. Reserve min. 30 days before the check in.External service

Can you suggest a taxi with driver for trips during our stay?

Yes, we can suggest you a very good company that we know well. Cars, vans, mini buses with driver. We can help you to reserve external service min. 60 days before the check in.

Are there vineyards nearby?

Yes, we are in the heart of the Chianti area !

How far is Florence, Siena, Pisa from the Property?

Florence about 28 km, Siena about 30 km and Pisa about 70 km. San Gimignano is about at 15 km. Very easy and panoramic roads !!

Which is the nearest village or town?

Barberino val d’Elsa village, 250 mt from the Villa.
Barberino Val d’Elsa is a charming and romantic medieval village.

Is there near convenience?

200/300mtrs from the villa there are many shops, foods shops and a little food commercial center, 3 bars, 3 restaurants, cellars, post office, 2 banks, bus stop...

Is there a bus-stop?

There is a bus stop at 100 mt. from

Where the bus from Barberino val d’Elsa, go to directly? Are there frequent connections during the day? How much cost the bus to Florence or Siena a person? Where we can buy the tickets?

The bus SITA LINE go direcly to Florence and to Siena and also stop in others many villages during the way. The are many connections during the day from Monday to Friday,  less during Saturday, Sunday and holiday. The cost a person to Florence or Siena is about eur 6.00 to go and eur 6.00 come back. You can buy the tickets in the bar, near the bus stop 50mtrs from the villa gate.

From the Villa to Florence how many time is necessary to go by bus SITA LINE?

1 hour, and stop to Florence Central Station (Santa Maria Novella)
informations SITA LINE: - look n. 370 line Firenze - S.Casciano - Tavarnelle - San Donato - Barberino VE.

To Siena?

1 hour and stop to Siena down town

To other villages?

The bus can stop to many near Chianti villages

Which is the nearest airport?

Florence airport, 50km

Which is the nearest railway station?

Poggibonsi 5 Km ( 30 minuits train Poggibonsi/Florence) - or - Florence down town 40 km. The bus line stop also to the S.M. Novella Central  station .

What is the best way to arrive without car?

By bus. From Santa Maria Novella Station to Barberino Val d’Elsa.
Attention! Don’t take the train from Florence to Barberino val d’Elsa!!! It arrive to the industrial zone, very far from the village of Barberino val d’Elsa and the villa!!!

Are there  services on request?

Yes. there are many extra services on request . External service

Can we order a dinner on arrival (check in)?

Yes, you can reserve external service for dinner/s. We can help you to suggest external service

Can you make reservation for a dinner in a near restaurant, the day of the arrival?

Yes. We suggest you to reserve before (minimum 1 week) your arrival, a table in a restaurant in the near village, 200 mtrs from …you can go by feet!

Can we have cooking class? Where?

Yes, you can reserve external service for cooking class. We can help you to suggest external service

Which more service for special event?

we can suggest you a catering for your event

Can you help me to organize a nice party? How many time before is necessary to reserve a special event with special service?

Yes. For special events and special requests, we can give you many suggestions

Can we organize ourself our event by our catering, our florist, make up, shef... ?

No. you can organize your event only by external service or catering  that we know 

Can we guest our friend that don't rented the villa and the cottages?

No. The property and services are only for the guests of the villa and cottages. Exceptionait is possible, some time ,to entertain only some guests during the day but it is forbidden to sleep in the property.

How many distance are golf, horse, tennis ...?

There are many tennis courts and horse ridings near, golf clubs from 40km, tennis 5km, horse riding 2km.

Can you reserve golf course?

Yes. The owner Flavia is a member of the Ugolino golf club in Florence and can reserve for you some time before your arrival and help you.